TryHackMe – Net Sec Challenge

Net Sec Challenge

Use this challenge to test your mastery of the skills you have acquired in the Network Security module. All the questions in this challenge can be solved using only nmap, ftp, and hydra.


Titel Ned Sec Challenge
Description Practice the skills you have learned in the Network Security module.
Score 240
Difficulty Medium
Creator tryhackme and strategos
To complete this room, I recommend you use the AttackBox.

Ennumeration (NMAP)


1. What is the highest port number being open less than 10,000?

To find out which ports are open on the server use the following NMAP command:

sudo nmap -p- -Pn -n --disable-arp-ping -vv

Flag Description
-p- Scan all available ports (65535)
-Pn Disables ICMP Echo Requests
-n Disables DNS Resolution
–disable-arp-ping Disables ARP Ping Requests

Note that when you use the timing template e.g. -T4 option you may not see all the open ports.

Answer: 8080